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How To Choose Cash Register

Every retail business - be it a small, medium or large one - needs a cash register. Apart from making the sales transaction easy at the checkout counter, a cash register can help you keep track of cash flow, inventory and sales level. To make the right buying decision for a cash register, you will need to follow the following steps.


  • Evaluate your business: The first step is to understand what exactly your business needs. Evaluate the average size of your inventory and the number of departments your business has. If you are operating a huge retail store, consider a cash register with shortcuts for product codes and a scanner. Shortcuts will help you cut down the checkout time, while a scanner will help you keep track of inventory level. Also, alphanumeric cash registers are good for large department stores. If you are into bulk business, a cash register with an attached scale will come in handy for smooth business operations.

  • Checkout process: What is the checkout policy of your store? Do you accept credit cards and debit cards? If so, you will need your cash register to be attached with credit card/debit card machine. Do you accept returns without receipts? If so, your cash register should offer you the ability to go through the past sales records to find the exact product that is being returned. Is your store located in unsavory neighborhood? Consider the latest security features for the register. When it comes to security, you can go for the simple ones that have manual lock and key, or you can go for the programmed ones wherein you have to enter password for unlocking.

  • Space: Is your store big enough to accommodate a huge, hi-tech cash register? If the space is limited, you might not be able to go for an advanced register. Is there an electrical outlet near the counter? If not, you will need to opt for battery-operated register. Also, would you need to change the location of the cash register frequently? If so, choose a lighter one.

  • Tax needs: If you wish to keep records of your sales for tax purposes and personal accounting, both thermal print and ribbon print cash registers are fine. Although thermal printers are expensive, they help you save a lot in the long run as they do not need an ink cartridge. Ribbon print cash registers, on the other hand, offers printed receipts that are readable for longer period of time.

While making a purchase decision, you can either go for a brand new cash register or a factory refurbished cash register. At, you can find both at highly reasonable prices. It offers brands such as Adler Royal, Royal, Royal SovereignSamsung, Casio and Sharp.

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