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Go Green With Refurbished Copiers

In face of global warming, each one of us is trying to minimize the carbon footprint by going green. Whether it's minimizing the usage of plastic bags, recycling of soda canes and pizza boxes, or using refurbished products, the bottom line is to cut down waste and pollution. Most of the companies even ask their employees to recycle their water bottles, buy recycled stationary and use jute bags or paper bags instead of plastic ones that are toxic and non-biodegradable.

As a responsible business, you too can do your bit to save the environment by making it mandatory to use refurbished copiers. If you wish to know how exactly refurbished copiers can help you, read on.

  • Reduction in carbon footprint: In the production and shipment of new copiers, tons of plastic and other non-biodegradable raw materials are used. If at least 20% of the businesses opt for refurbished copiers instead of the new ones, we can reduce the annual carbon footprint created by the manufacturers and shipment companies tremendously.
  • Reduction in wastage: As we know, most of the raw materials, including plastic and PVC, used in the manufacturing of copiers is toxic. They take centuries to decay and usually do more harm than good. By using refurbished copiers, you are actively reducing the garbage in the landfill.
  • Quality: If we say refurbished copiers as good as new copiers, we aren't exaggerating. It's plain truth. Go to any reputed store offering refurbished copiers and take a demo. You will get to see the results by yourself. The resolution and clarity will be as good as from the new ones. If you are still wary, go for certified refurbished copiers. That should put your quality anxieties to rest.
  • Low prices: If the lure of going green for the betterment of society is not enough, consider the mega bucks that you would be saving. Most of the refurbished copiers are priced 50% to 75% lower than the new copiers. If your business needs 3 to 4 copiers, imagine the amount of saving you would be doing through refurbished copiers.
  • Customer service: Apart from offering optimum performance like a new copier, many refurbished copiers come with full warranty. So if there's any issue with the copier, you just need to call in their customer service department. 
  • Better public relations: When businesses opt to go green, they make a deeper impact on the public at large. The branding efforts will gain unexpected momentum and customer satisfaction will improve.

Do you still need more reasons to buy refurbished copiers? Just go for it. 

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