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Typewriters: An Answer To Digital Snooping?

How many of us use typewriters today? Almost no one. So why this sudden interest in typewriters, you may ask. The simple reason: the rising trend of digital snooping. When you have sensitive documents on the internet, you are vulnerable to hackers. Even if you have several firewalls and anti-viruses installed, it's difficult to stop a determined hacker from accessing those documents. Also, when those sensitive documents are accessible by multiple people, the risk increases tenfold. Case in point: Edward Snowden's revelations.

Although typewriters may seem outdated and old fashioned, they offer several benefits, particularly to the business world. Let's consider some of those benefits:

  • Security: As typewriters produce physical documents, they are safe from hackers. Compared to digital documents, it's quite difficult to steal physical documents. If we take Snowden's example, had all the stolen documents in the physical paper form, he'd have required a forklift. But for stealing computer data, you just need a USB stick or CD/DVD.
  • Privacy: One of the benefits of online documents is that the cost of distribution is zero, even if it's supposed to be shared with hundreds of participants. However, this same advantage become a disadvantage when there's an internal leak. As the cost of distribution is zilch, managers tend to forget to keep the accessibility of the document limited. On the other hand, the distribution of physical copies of the documents is controlled, given the cost of paper and printing involved. 
  • Cost effective: Initially, storing typed documents may seem costly but when looked from the online theft/hacker's point of view, it saves lot of money in the long run. Business secrets remain secrets and strategies are confined to the relevant executives.

Given the rising trend of digital snooping ̶ either by government agencies, competitors or hackers ̶ businesses are already shifting focus to typewriters, specifically for sensitive documents. You too can start protecting your business secrets and strategies with the help of typewriters. Several brands of typewriters are available, including IBM, Adler Royal, Olivetti, and Nakajima. Scrutinize all the features of the typewriters before making the final buying decision.