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How To Buy A Fax Machine

Despite the rising usage of emails in the business world, the importance of fax machines haven't diminished. Apart from being faster and cheaper than the regular mail, fax machines are a good way of sharing contracts, proofs, and other written documents.

How does fax machine works?

A fax machines scans the document and converts those images into a series of light and dark dots. The pattern is then sent in an audio format via phone lines. The receiving phone line again converts the audio file into the documents and prints it in black and white copy. You can also opt for color faxing; however, it's not so popular currently due to its unreliability and poor quality.

Types of fax machines

There are three types of fax machines and all of them offer clear printing on plain paper. Thermal transfer tax machines and inkjet fax machines are at a longer rung, making them suitable for home office use; while laser fax machines are heavy-weight champions, designed to withstand the daily stress of heavy business operations. Let's look at each of them in detail.

Inkjet fax machines: Cheaper to operate and maintain, inkjet fax machines are ideal for businesses having the need of less than 30 faxes on daily basis. 

Thermal transfer fax machines: These fax machines are fairly reliable and economical, making them ideal for home office use. However, the printing quality is mediocre and it does make a bit of noise while in operation.

Laser fax machines: Laser fax machines are perfect for heavy usage. These machines use toner to produce high-quality images at faster print speed. Although costlier than the other two, businesses prefer laser fax machine for its superior performance.

What to look for while buying fax machines?

Fax machines, like other electronic gadgets, come with several features. As not all features are required by every business, it's better to evaluate your need and then select the model accordingly. Basically, you need to look at the following features to choose a right fax machine:

Sending speed: Although fax machines with higher sending machines are expensive, you can save a lot on phone charges. A good fax machine will transmit at a top speed of 36.6 kbps, while low-end model will have a speed of up to 14.4 kbps. Needless to say, the former will result in low phone charges.

Data compression protocols: Data compression protocols reduce the time it takes a fax machine to send a page by describing it with a minimum amount of data. All fax machines comes with a basic compression protocol called Modified Huffman; the advanced models have Modified Read or Modified Modified Read protocols to send documents as much as 25% faster. Also, few models use proprietary compression protocols to further enhance the speed of transmission. However, remember that these protocols will only work when sending to or from same-brand models.

Memory: Like emails, fax machines too can store incoming and outgoing pages internally. Generally, 512 KB of memory space can store up to 20 to 25 pages. If this isn't sufficient, you can always use additional memory cards.

If you are looking for reliable fax machines, you can consider brands such as Brother, Ricoh, Samsung, HP and Canon. Before making any final buying decision, do not forget to match and study the models' features with your requirements.

How Cash Registers Help Maximize Sales During Festival

There are high chances that you will receive hordes of customers on your sales counter during festival. Unless you have a proper cash register in place, it will become quite difficult to leverage the situation for maximum profits. So how can a cash register help you do so? 

  • Increase transaction speed

With an efficient cash register by your side, the speed of the transactions increases tremendously ΜΆ freeing up time to serve more customers. The speed of taking orders increases with the help of pre-programmed item buttons, and all the calculating and recording is done is seconds.   

  • Improve accuracy

Along with speed, accuracy is important too. Cash registers, which come with advanced programming, remove all the chances of human errors when it comes to totaling sales or returning change to the customers.

  • Theft prevention

Cash registers usually come with secured locking system, and therefore, drastically reducing the chances of cash being stolen. You can also opt for cash registers that record the log every time the cash drawer is opened, increasing the accountability of the cashier. 

  • Incentivize purchases 

You can draw more customers by implementing offers such as "Have your purchases for free if we don't give a receipt." This will increase traffic, sales and credibility of your outlet. 

  • Identify hot sellers

Cash registers will not only record your sales transactions, but it will also record transaction details, as to which items were sold. A monthly record of this data will help you identify the hot items. Once you know which items are your best sellers, you can stock them more and run promotional campaigns focusing them for even more sales. 

  • Simplify vendor settlements 

Many times festival organizers have set commissions with the vendors, and the settlement is done at the end of the festival. However, accounting process for this task can be very time consuming without a proper system. In this situation, cash registers can be of help as they offer wireless data streaming, allowing the festival organizers to monitor the sales of each vendors.

  • Diversify payment options 

Customers use several payment methods to make purchases. Cash payment is just one of those methods. If you are accepting only cash payments, the chances are quite high that you are losing out on several sales involving other payment methods. You can rectify the situation by using cash registers, which can help you accept credit card payments too. Also, according to various studies, an average customer will spend up to 55% more if they are purchasing through credit card. 

  • Streamline ticket counting 

Cash registers are even handy for counting tickets. You can enhance the task of counting or weighing tickets by corroborating the sales data in cash registers. 

At Americanrefurb store, which specializes in offering various types of office products, you can find popular cash register brands such as Adler RoyalRoyal, Casio, Royal Sovereign, Samsung and Sharp. Also, when you are shopping at americanrefurb, you do not have to worry about quality. All the products are 100% genuine and authentic, designed for maximum performance.

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